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Trento from Sergey Aleshkin

Sergey AleshkinThis article wrote by Sergey Aleshkin. He lives in Italy. He is a student at the University of Trento, faculty of Economics. Loves mountains and travel.





PedavenaBeer “Padavena” in Trento
The famous “Padavena” (La birrerla Pedavena) decorated under the old days.
This is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) classical beer in Trento. Not for nothing that many travel guides advise it to visit.

Schloss-TrauttmansdorffTrauttmansdorff castle and the Botanical garden in Merano
Castle is located in the mountains, it survived the First and Second world wars, now it restored and since 2003 is open to visitors.
Its small Botanical garden blooming all year round. Earlier this part of Italy belonged to Austria, and now here we can observe a surprising blend of cultural traditions and languages: the majority of local residents speaks two languages. This is definitely not Italy, but still not Austria.

trento-castello-del-buonconsiglioThe Castle Buonconsiglio
Buonconsiglio is the largest castle in Trento. There is a Museum In the castle, where is situated a curious collection of clothes and personal belongings of its previous owners – dress military uniforms, weapon. Anyone can try these armor here. In generally in the region of restored majority of feudal castles, and in almost every working Museum, which people can visit for a nominal fee.

In the South-Eastern part of the Alps clearly visible traces of erosion, but local mountains is not less (and possibly more) are beautiful and interesting than the Swiss Alps. They amaze by their unique breed, sharp peaks, mountain lakes. There are many ski resorts, Hiking trails, recreation places that you can visit at any time of the year.

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