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A corner of paradise Ragusa

Ragusa & province by Beatrice Cinnirella The Province of Ragusa (Italian: Provincia di Ragusa; Sicilian: Pruvincia i Rausa) is the smallest and the youngest of the Sicilian provinces, located in the south-east of the island. Its capital is the city of Ragusa, which is the most southerly provincial capital in Italy. The city has two distinct areas, the lower and [...]

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Sunny Palermo from Massimo

Palermo was founded in 734 BC by the Phoenicians, who gave it the name of Zyz (flower) because of its shape due to the two rivers that made her look like a flower. Because of its location at the center of the Mediterranean Sea Palermo was one of the most important cities in history and was always at the center [...]

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Catania by eyes Enrico

Catania is located on South Italy along the Ionian East coast of Sicilia, on the slopes of Mount Etna’s volcano. It is the 2nd largest city in Sicily (more than 300.000 inhabitants becoming 700.000 with its surroundings), it has very ancient history of different rulers from the ancient glorious Greek civilization that founded the first colony around 730 BC, to [...]

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Siracusa Archimede’s Homeland

Before of all sleep and eat: What can I do for you, actually is, if you don’t find any couch , to give you a couple of addresses where could you go (and of course it depends from your budget). The first is the lolhostel (www.lolhostel.com) very close to the train station and 1 km away from Ortigia (the historical [...]

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Sicily by Massimo Messana

I see Sicily as a place full of passion because it hides in itself different contrasting natures: I think that this place can appear  at the same time full of style, but also very rude. Very beautiful nature, coasts, thermal springs, woods, hills, art, good restaurants, theaters, good music, but also sometime garbage on the street in the corner. Traditions, legends, moralism, but also [...]

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