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Italia Vista da un Brasiliano

Hello, good afternoon (here in Brazil now is around 4 o’clock), my name is Matheus Lucas, but also you can call me Max, or as the italians liked to name me: Matteo Lucca, hahahahahaha. I am 21 years young (because I don’t agree with the grammar, ordering to put “old” after the years, no no no), I live in Brazil, [...]

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Sicily by Massimo Messana

I see Sicily as a place full of passion because it hides in itself different contrasting natures: I think that this place can appear  at the same time full of style, but also very rude. Very beautiful nature, coasts, thermal springs, woods, hills, art, good restaurants, theaters, good music, but also sometime garbage on the street in the corner. Traditions, legends, moralism, but also [...]

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Turin by Federica

Welcome to Turin! Turin is not a big city, we are less than 1 million, it’s quite livable, there’s traffic but not too much, there’s people but not too much, so you can move easily here also by bicycle. The city centre is beautiful and ancient, we have some Roman ruins, lots of monuments, very interesting buildings of different ages [...]

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