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Have you ever been to Venice…

Have you ever been to Venice or do you plane to visit it some day? It is the fact – Venice is one of the most visited city of the world. But each tourist after visiting Venice makes own conclusion. And nobody does not leave to city without impressions. The city openes itself for everyone in a special way. I [...]

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Bernina Express

What places are you dreaming to visit? I hope after reading my notices you will add this trip into your shortlist Trenino Rosso del Bernina There is one beautiful train trip quite famous in the North Italy. To buy ticket to Bernina Express voyage is the perfect opportunity to spend one day in highly picturesque place. The idea of this offer is to [...]

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Adventure in Vatican

When you we have a Deja vu, usually are from things that you knew that they happened some way in your past but you just realized in the present moment, fortunately I may say that I had the same attacks that I had once when I took the train from the Civittavechia station for the very first time: troubles and [...]

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Italia Vista da un Brasiliano

Hello, good afternoon (here in Brazil now is around 4 o’clock), my name is Matheus Lucas, but also you can call me Max, or as the italians liked to name me: Matteo Lucca, hahahahahaha. I am 21 years young (because I don’t agree with the grammar, ordering to put “old” after the years, no no no), I live in Brazil, [...]

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