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Sunny Palermo from Massimo

PAPalermo was founded in 734 BC by the Phoenicians, who gave it the name of Zyz (flower) because of its shape due to the two rivers that made her look like a flower.

Because of its location at the center of the Mediterranean Sea Palermo was one of the most important cities in history and was always at the center of commerce and trade between the West and the East of the ancient world.

Because of its strategic location, Palermo was conquered and occupied by many different peoples and cultures throughout history, the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Romans, Swabians (German) Normans (Vikings), Spanish, French, Austrians, this time made it one of the city ??multi-ethnic and multi-colored of the Mediterranean and the West itself.

IMG_2701Today, Palermo is a city with one million of habitants, the fifth of Italy and the capital of Sicily, the largest Italian region, is the most multi-ethnic city of Italy with the many communities of people who live here, including the Bengali community, Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lanka, the Moroccan, Tunisian, Chinese, and to a lesser extent than Nigerian and Ghanaian.

Palermo has always been open to new cultures and new people, now has Christian churches, Orthodox churches as well as mosques and places of worship of minor religions, its beauty is this, the mix of cultures and traditions that make it unique in the world, this you can understand through the Palermo’s dialect , composed of words and idioms from different languages and cultures and that makes the Palermitans a people incredibly diverse and unpredictable.

DSC_0230Today, Palermo is famous for its favorable climate, the wonderful food, the natural and architectural beauty in the city and surrounding areas, Palermo is full of churches, palaces and places that are the result of the cultural mix that the city has produced over the years, wandering around the city and eating the traditional food you realize that this city was opened with different people over time.

massimoAnyone who wants to discover Palermo should definitely visit the most important and famous monuments of the city such as the Teatro Massimo (the largest in Italy and the third in Europe), Politeama Theatre, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary’s Assumption (mother church of the city ), the palace of the Normans (the seat of the Sicilian Parliament, the oldest in the world) where you will also find in the “palatina chapel” with its golden mosaics, the cathedral of Monreale (10 km from the city) the chapel Santa Rosalia (a cave in the mountain) and Protectress patron saint of the city, then surely you can not miss the historic markets, Ballar? the vucciria and il capo, markets have always been present in the city where you will find street food, fruit and vegetables, cakes, even objects and original artwork Palermo, pretty much the culture of the people in the street.

IMG_2715For those who want to combine culture and relaxation can not miss the sea, Palermo is a coastal city then you will find the sea everywhere, but if you want to see the most beautiful coast, the whitest sand and crystal clear water as you need to go to Mondello, a small fishermen village where throughout the year Palermitans go to relax and enjoy the unique and fantastic food and view.

In Palermo food is culture as the monuments, I recommend you try the desserts, cannoli and cassata certainly the fruit of marzipan, street food, the “bread ca meusa” bread with bovine spleen, rotisserie, sfincione (a kind of pizza), but also the simple bread and cookies that you find in ovens (panificio or panetteria).

Finally, for those who want to experience the city at night, Palermo has a lively nightlife, the center is full of bars, pubs, disco pubs and places where young people gather to drink, eat, dance and have fun until late at night, I recommend you visit the area of Sant Anna square, Revolution square , vucciria market (in the evening market become an open fun area),  Chiavettieri street, Magione square, these are the places where you will find palermo’s night life.

I hope to be helpful, Palermo is a city simple and complicated, beautiful and sometimes less beautiful, is not perfect but I think that perfection is boring, and certainly in Palermo will be welcomed with open arms and warm, always.

Author: Massimo Monteverde

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  1. I love this region of Sicily. I highly recommend going to Castellmare Del Golfo and Alcamo. The beaches around the Zingaro Reserve are stunning.

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