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Siracusa Archimede’s Homeland

SiracusaBefore of all sleep and eat:

What can I do for you, actually is, if you don’t find any couch , to give you a couple of addresses where could you go (and of course it depends from your budget). The first is the lolhostel (www.lolhostel.com) very close to the train station and 1 km away from Ortigia (the historical center) and the other one is the B&B Ortigia (www.ortigia-cameraconvista.it) and many others.

To eat every kind of sicilian entr?e and the best pizza of siracusa – Amici Miei, Viale Montedoro 99-101 Siracusa.
Le vin de l’assassin (fran?ais Bistrot) – a piece of France, Via Roma 115 , Siracusa.

The best fish in Siracusa Il Porticciolo, Via Trento 22, Siracusa. To drink something and to listen live music , you can go to the SaLe Pub in Ortigia, the buzz, city life in Via Malta (on the main street to go to Ortigia).

Now the culture :)

This is in fews words a little guide about Syracuse….



It takes about half a day to the archaeological zone (Quarries, Greek Theater, Roman Amphitheatre, Ear of Dionysius): 9 €, if you have a student ID 4.5 €, if you are a student of architecture or fine art € 0. Then the Catacombs of s. John, the Shrine of the Madonna of the Tears (Madonnina delle Lacrime)… follow August Von Platen street leading east and you reach the friar Capuccini church (Mexican-style church) and follow the sea (that is on your left) to the isle of Ortigia.
After corso Umberto, you cross the bridges to go inside Ortigia. On the left side  (with your back to the bridges) you’ll find the old market, you face the Temple of Apollo and on the right Piazza Archimede.

Duomo's square

Duomo’s square

From archimede’s square you can choice…: Via Roma to go to Duomo Sqare, Palazzo Vermexio (the city hall), S.Lucia alla Badia with the Caravaccio paint (La Sepoltura, the Burial of s. Lucy).
In Duomo Square you can find Ipogei too, it is a tunnel used in ancient times as a refugee… there is a permanent exposition and it leads to the Marina walk.

Via Maestranza if you want to watch the opera of Sicilian puppets… shows are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18.30… there ‘to see the church of the Immaculate… At the end of the workforce, turn right and follow the sea (you are now in the middle of the Jewish quarter).



et bonne chances


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