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Sicily by Massimo Messana

SicilyI see Sicily as a place full of passion because it hides in itself different contrasting natures: I think that this place can appear  at the same time full of style, but also very rude. Very beautiful nature, coasts, thermal springs, woods, hills, art, good restaurants, theaters, good music, but also sometime garbage on the street in the corner. Traditions, legends, moralism, but also transgression and hard longing for freedom.
Maybe all this is a result of the mixture of many cultures, many people and many spirits.
The architecture is like stains: somewhere norman, somewhere arabian, somewhere baroque, somewhere classic. Very often it is eclectic.
Some mosques were later transformed in catholic curchs, but maintaining the original architectural form.
The old woman, grandmothers, still use the head scarf, but at the same time, the beaches are full of topless women. 50 years ago it would be a scandal, but today nobody cares about it.
But told it, I think that the main characteristic of Sicily is in the magic.
I mean that more you stay here and more you can feel something strange that captures you. It is something similar to a mirage when you are in the desert. You always follow something and you never get it. I can’t tell you what is exactly, but it is something of very charming, and you always think that you are getting it, right now, but then is far again.

You go alone in little very beautiful beaches, you stay in silent, you listen to the sea and the gulls, the wind, you close your eyes…
Or you swim in a rhythmic fashion and you go like in trance. You listen to your breath and the «splash» of the water for 1 hour and then you feel like a great men for half day. But then something miss again, and you want to continue you infinite trip.
By the way, there is a rock in the sea, called “il veliero” (the sailing ship) because it looks like a sailing ship. If you look it you think it is at about 200 metres, easy to get swimming. But, trust me, it is a mirage, because one have to swim for about 40 minutes to get it.

Sicily Sicily Sicily SicilySicily Sicily Sicily Sicily SicilySicily

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  1. Emilija says:

    l’isola ? molto romantica e bella!

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