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People about Italy

Dear friends!
I asked people from different countries what words they are associated with Italy, Italian people etc., what they think about Italy in generally. And i received these answers:

Karina from Ukraine

Pizza and pasta

Patrick from New York, United States

Ciao. Espresso, big weddings, the mob, warm weather, nice beaches, tower of Pisa, volcanoes , earthquakes, Pompeii, Caligula, Cesar, fashion designers, Pizza. Pasta. Amaretto. Biscotti. Ferrari. Lamborghini. Maserati. And a bunch of other stuff.

Peter DK from Fredericia, Denmark

Siesta, The city Lucca (my old dogs name), ice cream, friendly openminded people and the worlds best tomatoes :)

Margarita from Ukraine

Sun, Roma, pizza, family, Papa :)

Luca Sindaco from Varese, Italy

I could start from pasta, Barilla, editerraneo, olive, mozzarella, pane, andoro, panettone, fiat, abbigliamebto, tomatoes, Naples, Venezia, Milan, Duomo, Colosseum, mafia, sole, sympathy …….. i don’t know, i could write for a year..:)

Sanjiv from Delhi, India

good food, great culture, an ancient civilization …… pizza, Berlusconi, etc etc

Abdul-Rafik Issahaku from Tamale, Ghana

Italians are nice people and i like Italy even though i have never been there, i only hosted an Italian girl in Tamale. One thing i like about Italy is the football because am obsessed about football and i follow Italian football.

Griselda M from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m from Argentina and I love Italy! I have been there twice and I want to go again!!!!!!!

James Calt from Albuquerque, United States

I love Italy and particularly her people. If you are open and honest with them you will be rewarded 10 fold. Their understanding/attitude towards safe, reasonable driving habits leaves much to be desired. They are nuts! When I was younger, in the 60s I enjoyed the competitiveness of the insanity. There were not the number of cars on the road back then and the constant games of “Chicken” seemed like fun. I drank a lot of wine back then too. There seems to be no regard for speed limits, lane etiquette and as for parking; just put on your blinker lights and park in the middle of the street: everyone else does. Italy is Italy: Fantastic……..

Isabelle Zonderland from Italy

I lived in Italy for 10 years of my life. The Italians are like no other, they charismatic, love life, food and coffee.
Italy is incredibly chaotic yet so calm at the same time. You can be in the center of town or in the middle of traffic where the chaos is almost too crazy for words, or you can be in the outskirts, the beach or in a typical small Italian towns where you have never felt more at peace.
Italy has so much too offer, whether its food, wine, coffee, mountains, beaches, I could go on. The Italians are like no other, which is why I love them.

Sari Musdar from Indonesia

Uhm italy..mammamia ;)
I just back from some cities in Italy (Pisa, Livorno, Venice, Vatican, Roma, Marino & Frascati), and other cities in west europe.
Generally I can say that compare to other countries in West Europe, Italy bit not well organized, but the people is hospitable and passionate especially when they speak i feel like watching telenovela (mexican/ south america cinema electronic).
When i must take bus from Roma Termini to Fiumicino Airport, some people get confused with the bus. I don’t think so it happen in Amsterdam or paris or Madrid.

Heri Riyato from Indonesia

I just know a few about italian is in the europe and spagetti is one of my favorite food,…
I associate it with that food and pisa tower

Kamila Kr?l from Poland

I was in Italy few times :) I saw a lot of beautiful places e.g. Roma, Pisa, Verona, Venice… But the most wonderful was Pontine Islands, an archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy!

And in Italy, I ate the most delicious coconuts in my all life! :D

Diana Flores from Honduras

 One single word describe Italy, MAGNIFICENT

Philippe from France

Here is some feedback from a non Italian with souvenirs & souvenirs that I brought back from an exquisite voyage to la Republic di Venezia, the most elaborate, elegant, advanced and refined European city of the eighteenth century, on a gondola through the laguna drifting all along il Palazzo Ducale, la Ca’ d’Oro, le Gallerie dell’Accademia, la Basilica on piazza San Marco with an unforgettable martini at Caff? Florian on my way to the Lido, featuring glorious people from la Serenissima (Marco Polo, Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto, Carlo Goldoni, Giacomo Casanova, Antonio Vivaldi…) by my side like guiding lights under the Rialto dancing an endless colorful masquerade that makes our minds fly high and lingers in the white of my eyes while the bridge just sighs, forever & ever…

Rond? Veneziano – La Serenissima ahnhjoo

Emilija from Lithuania

Food. Culture. Tradition. History. Empire. Il Tacco d’Italia. Wine. Olives. Etna. Pompei. Christianity. Pope. Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Espresso. Torre di Pisa. Cypresses. La Dolce Vita. Fashion. Boots. Gestures. Antipasto and pasta. Gelato. Architecture. Civilization. Beauty. Love

Eslam Hashim from Egypt

I’ve never been to Italy but i always wanted to go there when i was a child, Italy was strong economy, but currently Italy is suffering economically, we have some common thing between Italy my country Egypt, and it is regularly on the Egyptian news since they are both located on the mediteranean sea! But what i can tell you that Italy is famous with manufacturing machines, good quality motor cycles (and if i have the the chance i will buy one from there!) and also electrical cables, shampoos and cosmetics, and of course the Italian made sun glasses!
Thats of course beside the Pizza :)

Smile Song from China

I have never been to Italy yet, but I hope to visit it. I think Italy is a romantic country. I want to take a look at the blue sky and fresh air. I know a lot of sights, such as the Colosseum,Venice, St.mark’s square, and so on. Italy attract me not only the wonderful scenery,and there are many delicious food. I like to eat dessert, so I really want to taste Italian ice cream. I know there is only so much of Italy, but I firmly believe that one day I can travel to Italy in the future.

Fabrice Langelier from China

It’s not all good man… I mean, let’s be completely realistic here.Terrible television stations with topless presenters counterbalanced by lovely lakes and castles and excellent restaurants or trattoriae. I’d visit any day but I dunno if I could live there. Vatican pulcinella, they sacrifice children under the crypts in the Vatican and that s no joke. Politically speaking it s been messy for about 400 years. Too much valpolicella and too many exotic dancers. So just to recap yeah FOOD + SOPHIA LOREN + a few good films (dead and buried) vs expensive hotels with crucifixes + berlu-stronzito and bank of Vatican and a few Mafiosi in the south and corrupt politicians in the north… Oh! I forgot… ICE CREAMS.

Gabriela Hern?ndez Villam?n from Dominican Republic

Well, i am not italian, but I love the italian culture. I think that Italy, has so much to offer to the people, to their ideals. Italy, can change things, not like other countries, on a non-usual way. Their music, their soul, is kind of inspiring for me.

Laura Calivar from Argentina

 In 2012 i was in Italy and i walked rome, verona, asis, padua, la toscana, isla de capri, pompeya, siena y venecia. In my opinion all italy is so enjoyable, and the people is kind… I think that is very profitable walk around town.
What i liked most was capri island, this is localized in south side of the Gulf Napoles. Beautiful landscapes, the sea has shades ranging from blue to turquoise and You can navigate around the island.
Mediterranean food is delicious, fresh and seasoned, my advice is taste the pizza, pasta, and queers.

Sanaa from Morocco

Italy is so fascinating . I went there twice and I still want to go there several times because there are so many amazing cities to visit. It is full of gorgeous places.

Irina Kozub from Azerbaijan

I have been twice in Italy – Merano and near of lake Garda: Limonia. Malchesino, Tremosino, River de Garda, Arco and etc…. Mmmmany impressions and a very hospitable people with own traditions and fantastic cuisine. They can rest, have fun, value legacy of the past.

Chethan from India

First thing. I have never been to Italy, but I will visit soon.
I am from India. Mostly my opinion of Italy comes from British TV program Top gear. So I think of Italy as this place where people are more passionate and romantic with an intense love for food and beautiful things.
The land of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Paganis. Land of Pasta and Pizza. The place where its more important to look good and beautiful. Where people believe that life is not about making money but about enjoying it. Like they say in one Hollywood movie, Italians are good at the ‘Art of doing nothing’.
The land that gave world gladiators and Spartacus. The great arts of the renaissance era. The Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo and many more others. And of course Monica Bellucci as well. The mother of all western cultures from the Roman empires.

Hesham Gibriel from Egypt

Well, italy is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, you won’t feel you are a stranger at all as italians are really a hospitable people.
Regarding tourism, italy is one of the top countries in attracting tourists as their long coasts surrounded by two seas make it extremely wonderful. Also, their history and their previous roman empire represented by trevi fountain, old and antique sculptures make it so attractive.
Italians are a really welcoming people and you won’t feel lonely or a stranger, the most important thing there is the language; if you master italian, you would have no problem at all communicating and enjoying your life there!

Helder P?rez from Honduras

I’ve been to Europe twice, and the only country where I have felt racially discriminated was in Italy. I flew into Fumicinino and flew out of Malpensa, and in both airports I was treated like garbage. There is something very wrong with italian migration officers. Since then, I’ve flown into Germany, England, Switzerland… And only the Italians were a pain in the ass.
On a lighter note, the italians I met in Italy and elsewhere were very cool. They made me forget about the nasty people at the airport.

Med Reda Farah from Morocco 

It’s a beautiful country there many places to visit

Anita Bula from Latvia

I am now in Sardinia and I can agree, that “Sardinia is not Italy” :) In Italy all roads’ sides are full of mess, garbage and shit, here roads are clean and people are very kind everywhere… In Sicily people were arrogant. I am tourist, I can be subjective.

And what do you think? ;)

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  1. nabith says:

    great cities to visit,the best cuisine in the world and handsome men…BUT…too many veline,stupid programmes,women treated as silly bambole and a conception of love as a possession…the worst thing for me is that men-specially from the south-are dominated by their mamme…even at 40!…hotels are so expensive for the quality they offer…Women must be slave of their weight…if you have some extra kilos you become to be invisible…nobody is interested in other qualities…women…or they are beauty or they are nothing…

  2. Laura says:

    Architecture, fashion, pizza, design, carina, bella, history, philosophy, empire, sexy, parties, pasta, alessandro, art, sculpture, gondola, mustache, dolce, accent, sunset, dreamer, dream, drama.

  3. Chris says:

    Renaissance, il prete rosso, Baroque, pizza, islands, banks, money, gold, ships, fencing, politics, wine, honour, family, la mama, pasta, sculptures, catholicism, art, hh the pope, military, fascism, smiles, seduction, Beauty, nobility.

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