Porto San Giorgio Pisa, the Field of Miracles, photo by Emilija Turin, Piazza san carlo, photo by Federica Campaner Catania, Isolabella by Enrico Sunshine in Scoglitti (RG) by Beatrice Cinnirella Palermo, photo by Massimo Monteverde Italian tasty food by Domenico Biondo

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Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands. It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.

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Porto San Giorgio

Porto San Giorgio is a small beautiful town in the Marche region of Italy. It is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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Oh Rome! my country! city of the soul!

^18 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, canto 4, stanza 78

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Torchiarolo from Vittorio

Author: Vittorio Musca. Author’s blog I want to be honest with you, also because that is how I am and that was my first intention when I was asked to write something about Italy; besides, for my sensibility and for I feel like I experience everyday living in this country, it would be quite impossible to create out of nothing something [...]

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Verona from Claudio

I’m Claudio from Verona. My city is located in the west part of Veneto, a big region in the north of Italy. Veneto is a region full of history and full of beautiful places. Verona is one of this place, located in a strategic point of the Pianura Padana, next to the Garda Lake, the biggest lake in Italy (full [...]

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Florence: top 10 things to see

Florence is famous for its cathedral and its dome and, of course, for history and art. The birthplace of the Renaissance; it has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world; It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982; city contains numerous museums and art galleries; The language spoken in the city during [...]

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Rome: top 10 off-the-beaten path spots

What I feared the most of my (R)homecoming was the feeling that my glorious globetrotter past had come to an end and that from that point on I would have been condemned to a boring life at a permanent residence. That’s not what happened, though… Instead, I had an amazing time trying to discover my old town with a new eye: the [...]

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Adventure in Vatican

When you we have a Deja vu, usually are from things that you knew that they happened some way in your past but you just realized in the present moment, fortunately I may say that I had the same attacks that I had once when I took the train from the Civittavechia station for the very first time: troubles and [...]

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Pisa from Emilija

Pisa is a city in Tuscany, Italy. Long time ago Pisa was important Roman port and rich commercial center. Moreover, it was one of the four Maritime Republics (the other three were Genoa, Venice and Amalfi), which fought each other for control of the Mediterranean Sea. Now Pisa is a very lively and beautiful city with an ancient history which [...]

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Italia Vista da un Brasiliano

Hello, good afternoon (here in Brazil now is around 4 o’clock), my name is Matheus Lucas, but also you can call me Max, or as the italians liked to name me: Matteo Lucca, hahahahahaha. I am 21 years young (because I don’t agree with the grammar, ordering to put “old” after the years, no no no), I live in Brazil, [...]

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