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Have you ever been to Venice…

Venezia-milanoHave you ever been to Venice or do you plane to visit it some day? It is the fact – Venice is one of the most visited city of the world. But each tourist after visiting Venice makes own conclusion. And nobody does not leave to city without impressions. The city openes itself for everyone in a special way.

I was lucky to see Vince in two different states while my short two days journey. Late autum, without rain or storm, not many tourists, quite, any hurry.

imageAbout Venice was written a lot, about its antiquity, special smell, inconvent conditions for residing and unic romantic beauty etc. Honestly Venice was not the place in my dream place to visit, but now after visiting it, I’m happy that I had these opportunities.

Maybe it can be appeared surprisingly but I’m still under impressions with narrove medieval night streets without people and with a lots carnival masks. Shopwindows are opened also in the night, owners don’t cover it louvers, just because the level of criminal is low. So you are going through medieval streets under gaze of eyeless masks – very funny. The deepest impression I got when I saw squares and streets under sea water, water also into churches, – during the night wind brought water to city. People moved on special wood pallets one by one, like gooses.

Also I liked different possibilities of time spending that Venice gives to its visitors. You can drive to Moreno island to enjoy glass production shops, atmosphere of this small island, to observe manufacturing and buy luxury goods. Lido island offers another possibility – to use its beaches on the summer.

venice sun setVenice has its own “Towel of Pisa” , cheerful gondoliers who are joking between each other and with tourists, lots attractive caffees and restaurants, that are offering also local dishes and wine, street musicians. As sure I can share opinion of lots-lots people, Venice is the most romantic city :) So if you felt in love or want someone fall in love with you, Venice is the ideal decision to satisfy your dream!!

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