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Bernina Express

c78f5d6a-06d8-4c08-b14c-c83235db0838_590_590_0What places are you dreaming to visit? I hope after reading my notices you will add this trip into your shortlist :)

Trenino Rosso del Bernina

There is one beautiful train trip quite famous in the North Italy. To buy ticket to Bernina Express voyage is the perfect opportunity to spend one day in highly picturesque place. The idea of this offer is to show tourists the beauty of Swiss mountains.

imagealp1This is the special train has several wagons accommodated for touristic purposes with convenient vision windows. The price includes: tickets at both sides (2.5 hours there and back) and lunch in st.Moritz. Also you can spend near 3 hours in st. Moritz or go out earlier (the train makes several steps). Company-provider has the agreements with 3 or 4 st. Moritz’s restaurants, it is your choice which of them will be lucky to serve you.


The train starts it’s distance from Tirano, Italian area, and after few minutes you cross the Switzerland border and plunge into fairytale.

My suggestion to realize this trip in late spring, summer or early autumn. In these cases you can see snow, grass, – different manifestations of nature. Mountains in this area are high, more than 4 thousands meters. The train way was built in wild places: primeval forests, valleys, near streams and natural lakes. Time to time it can be came into view that constructors of this railway line where unic people whose foots stepped this places )))

Excellent opportunity to relax completely and enjoy reach nature.

Author: Olesia Putina

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