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Adventure in Vatican

When you we have a Deja vu, usually are from things that you knew that they happened some way in your past but you just realized in the present moment, fortunately I may say that I had the same attacks that I had once when I took the train from the Civittavechia station for the very first time: troubles and troubleshootings. I’m saying this because when you have another adventure in Italy but in a kinda style you feel more free to talk, take sights and enjoy fearless the great harmony that a unique experience can give to you.

Everything began by the morning again, when I just realized that I would have a lunch-off onboard, that means inside of the restaurant department that you don’t need to come back to work throughwhile the service is running at the lunch service. OH MY GOD, I stayed so happy and at the same time excited with that news, because I can not control the impulse that is a eternal recall inside of my heart: journey around unknown places and learn Sempre di pi?. I was not expecting that gift for me that day, and crazily I just decided to go out by my self and explore the city again, not giving a damn for what could be in front of my day.

Ok, that time I had one goal (another, if I may): visit Vatican (bonus: meet Pope and take a bless, slap his face and get famous instantly, but, noooo, it didn’t happen, anyway… :)

I took the train with the same procedures, and got away with my earphones bought in Turkey (that were fake, after discovering this, I learnt not to trust in some turkish, hah).

Instead of heading to the right place again, I got some errors with the directions given, because there are some stations in Italy that if take they wrongly, gosh, you need to pay for another ticket, and these are the worthless things of life of worth doing.

When I finally reached the place, as a good tourist and brazilian undirected that I am, I searched and tried all the idioms I know to head to the Basilica, and when I did this, can you guess what succeeded again? They were reforming the exit, entrance and the whole Vatican!!!!!!!!!! What happen with these Italians, keeping history alive, clean, majestic, prolific, real and conserved for the whole world as a proof of their ancestors for the rest of the world? Ok, is fair…

The entire museum is big and great, showing us the history as a true line of what happened in the past, very well architected. I stayed amazed with the holiness and the richest museum I’ve ever seen throughout my life, and all exposed like if the past was right there breathing and trying to say: hey dude, touch me, I won’t bite you, unless you request it!

In my summertime sadness, I needed to run again to try to see the maximum I could what was inside of the city, I mean, definitely running like a chicken and taking photos of the descriptions and monuments at the same time to read it later (did you see a guy doing 3 things at once before? Ok, I’m weird, then? :P )

But please, don’t follow my guide of running, and please, see every single details you can, because as I said, the sculptures speak with you, is totally magical and special, a unique sight of the humans are guarded inside of that fortress, trust me! I wish I could stay on the outside place, with that big ball in the middle and a group of french suffering with the “Chaud” and the tourist guide not-so-guide showing them the ball, chromed and argent and all the colours your mind can imagine, including I’ve demanded a old woman to shot me a good photo, and the result was terrible, that’s why you’ll never see this photo online, hahaha.

I felt myself inside of the egypt there, with a place totally dedicated to the egypt and it’s articles (I hope the italians didn’t get them on black market, with all the Egypt’s fragility, anyway), concerning with Sarcophagus and mummies: really awesome! At this point of my Passegiatta, I just realized I needed to make my way back home, but I say one thing to you my dear: 2 days are not even close to know the whole richness and culture that that place can show us. Then, I began to move, but when I just realized I was so deeply in the citadel, that I needed to follow the flux of thousands of people that I had no idea to where they were going to neither how to get my body out of the city (Wishing to get lost inside of there forever ;) ), so I went with the rest of the group, taking pictures of not-frame-cameras Arts: they were so big that I stucked still with the stare at them, simply amazing, indescrebable, mixing religious and historical acts and how the humankind dealed with these worries on their age.

The Vatican’s roofs building ARE OUT OF ART: they TRANSCEND any concept of what is to be rich and glorious. Then, after literally running and asking the same old question of the humanity since we were monkeys (Dov’? la uscita, per piacere?) for a whole hour, I reached the target. But you guess you just hang out Vatican and will not be attacked by the souvenir’s merchants? Nope, fully wrong your thought. Do as I did, close your eyes, don’t waste in Euros and leave (and buy them with the eyes opened, as I did, then, leave). The last view will be a magic stair in format and shape of waves, weaving to the Uscita, like if the stair were saying: oh my kid, you’ve been so far, relax now on my arms and I?ll take you safe back your place. At the bottom, I really believed that I found the Harry Potter’s goblet of fire and, yes, actually I threw my name inside to be chosen, but it didn’t happen, so I exited elegantly.

After all, when I was inside of the train, I met a group of 4 americans, 2 couples, and we talked a lot and exchanged the actual experience, unfortunately I don’t have photos of this ending, but if I can say something: I love the americans (when they are out USA, in truth). And then, I came back to my aluminium-floating-eventually house and followed my path.

Author: Matheus Lucas

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