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About Modena from Domenico

MOModena is located in Emilia Romagna, in the north of Italy. It’s not a very big city, but it’s quite famous in my country because it’s the city of Ferrari, balsamic vinegar, the city where was born the lyric singer Luciano Pavarotti and where you can eat many delicious dishes like tortellini, lasagne ect.

The best part, in my opinion is the city centre, a medieval town where you can see the wonderful Duomo, a very old church made in the 1099 with white stone, in the Main Square (Piazza Grande), the life’s centre during medieval, one of the bigger square in Italy.

Modena, like many Italians cities has its kings and you can see the huge palace just 5 minutes walking far from the Main Square. Now this Palace (Accademia) it’s a very important school for the new soldiers (sometimes you can see the cadetti walking around the city with very particular uniforms).

As I told you Modena is famous for the cars, here you can found many factories like Maserati, Bugatti and Ferrari. About Ferrari, here was born the creator, Enzo Ferrari. Last year has been opened a new museum where in the past was the Enzo Ferrari’s House, now you can see many cars and objects very interesting.

From this museum you can take a bus (the price is included in the museum’ticket) and arrive to Maranello, a small town 25 minutes far away, where there is the new factory and the famous Gallery where you can see the new cars and moreover the F1 (the museum is close to the circuit where sometimes Ferrari runs, so it’s possible to listen the engine’s noise!)

For the young people Modena offers some good place, in particular we love go in Piazza Pomposa where there are many pubs for drinks a cocktails or a glass of beer, or if you love dance there are 2 goods discos in the town: Baluardo della Cittadella,in front of the football stadium (Modena football team plays in second division, the Serie B) and Snoopy, maybe the most famous place, quite expensive, fashion and a little bit snob.

But if you visit Modena you can’t miss to try some place where you can eat very good!

First of all, if you like ice-cream (you don’t like it?) you have to try the ice-cream shop Slurp! Where there is more than 60 flavours, I think the best way to spend a summer day!

delicious food from Domenico Biondo

delicious food from Domenico Biondo

Modena is famous for many foods: there is a very typical restaurant, the name is “Trattoria da Ermes” where you will eat typical foods in a very typical atmosphere: the old owner is very funny and you will share you table with someone who you don’t know (because the place is quite small and you can’t reserve). Other good restaurant are “Il Fantino” or “Pizzeria da Arturo” (100 pizzas!).

Modena is quite small so I suggest to visit by foot. It’s very well connected; just 30 minutes far from Bologna by train (the train station is in the town) 2 hours from Milan and 1.30h From Florence. In the summer you can reach the seaside (east cost where there are most of discos in Rimini and Riccione) in 1h and 30 minutes by train.

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