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A corner of paradise Ragusa

Ragusa & province by Beatrice Cinnirella

Ragusa on the mapThe Province of Ragusa (Italian: Provincia di Ragusa; Sicilian: Pruvincia i Rausa) is the smallest and the youngest of the Sicilian provinces, located in the south-east of the island. Its capital is the city of Ragusa, which is the most southerly provincial capital in Italy. The city has two distinct areas, the lower and older town of Ragusa Ibla, and the higher Ragusa Superiore (Upper Town). On a narrow winding street that connects Ragusa Ibla with Ragusa Superiore is the church of Santa Maria delle Scale.

This province offers its visitors many opportunities! The opportunity to take advantage of 85 km of coastline approximately, to enjoy the cultural and environmental heritages of our Three World Trust Centers and to taste splendid gastronomy at the base of which  products of absolute excellence are awarded throughout the world.

Sunshine in Scoglitti (RG) by Beatrice Cinnirella

Sunshine in Scoglitti (RG) by Beatrice Cinnirella

Along the Ragusan coast there are many fishing villages such as Scoglitti, Punta Braccetto, Kaukana, Punta Secca, Marina of Ragusa, Donnalucata, Sampieri, Marina of Modica, Pozzallo, etc.

There are 12 Communes in the province: Ragusa and its baroque style, Modica and its special chocolate, Vittoria and its liberty style, Comiso and its old origins, Scicli and its history, Pozzallo with its port which creates the link between Sicily and Malta and its sea has received the Blue Flag award by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), Ispica and its caves, Santa Croce Camerina and its archaeological signs, Acate and its old name Biscari, Chiaramonte Gulfi and its oil, Monterosso Almo and its mountains, Giarratana and its onions.

Typical sicilian vegetation, fruits FICHI D'INDIA by Beatrice Cinnirella

Typical sicilian vegetation, fruits FICHI D’INDIA by Beatrice Cinnirella

In the heart of Mediterranean, the eyes to Africa and the mind to the future of Europe, there is a millenary history land, land that will fascinate you with its warmth and its fragrance. Castle of Donnafugata, near Ragusa, is a beautiful example of country residence of the Baron Corrado Arezzo that dominates the surrounding countryside. Ragusa and its province will charm you with opulence of the baroque capitals too. The cities of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli contain many examples of baroque architecture and from 2002 are part of the World Heritage.

Theater of Vittoria town (RG) by Beatrice Cinnirella

Theater of Vittoria town (RG) by Beatrice Cinnirella

Some main monuments are:

  • Cathedral of San Giovanni (Ragusa)
  • Gate of San Giorgio (Ragusa Ibla)
  • Cathedral of San Giorgio (Ragusa Ibla)
  • Cathedral of San Giorgio (Modica)
  • Cathedral of San Pietro (Modica)
  • Church of San Bartolomeo (Scicli)
  • Palace Beneventano (Scicli)

The magic of the archaeological sites of the province is the Greek city of Kamarina located on the coast.

This is that Guy de Maupssant wrote about Ragusa’s area

A landscape where it is possible to find what on this earth seems to have been created to seduce the eyes, the mind and the imagination.

Guy de Maupassant, from “Trip in Sicily”, 1885

This is link of  area where I live

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